Welcome to Clover Christian School. Our school has recognized the great importance of providing a Christ-centered and faith-nurturing education, where Bible truths are incorporated into secular subjects and good citizenship is modeled and taught.  The school  serves 3 year olds in preschool, a Pre-Kindergarten, Full-day Kindergarten and grades 1 – 2.

Daily walks and a weekly (Wednesday) chapel service are a regular part of the routine. 

Tasty and nutritious school lunches are also cooked and served on site.


Clover’s goals are to help students:


*           Learn to research, organize and use information.


*           To be creative and productive.


*           Master essential skills in reading, writing, speaking, and  computing.


*           Develop social science, math, science, art, music and computer literacy.


*           Be physically fit and active.


*           Develop the ability to reason and think critically.


*           Develop the ability to solve problems.


*           Develop and maintain beliefs and behavior rooted in the Bible.


*         Develop the values of self-discipline, responsibility, compassion, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, and faith.


*           Become active and effective members of their community church.


*           Feel a strong sense of Christian community and be committed to serve others.




We do this in the following ways:


*           To foster a teaching environment that is challenging, safe, comfortable, and nurturing.


*           To use instructional practices that balance independent creativity and structured learning.


*           To use a curriculum that includes core skills and knowledge, moral and religious training, physical education, and time for the creative and performing arts.


*           To offer a co-curricular program that extends classroom learning.


*           To create a school community that models and nurtures self-discipline, faith, learning and              respect and empathy for others.


*           To integrate Christian instruction into study of every subject. We immerse students in a Christian environment, surrounded by teacher, administrator, and staff whose very presence is a testimonial to the Christian faith and life.




Because our leadership and faculty are committed to ongoing professional development that will promote student learning, we will continue to research and use new learning theories and instructional practices that have proven effectiveness. We will continue to implement a curriculum that is flexible in approach, resources, scheduling and content.


We hope everyone can attend our Live Outdoor Nativity Friday, December 11th at 6:30.

clover nativity





3552N 1825E
Buhl, ID 83316
Office: 208-326-5198

 Email: clovertls@filertel.com




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